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  • mall

    The Online Mall

    mall_coke You buy, We deliver it!

    Do not drive and shop online and will bring it to your home. Go to the Online Mall and most things you may need from nearby providers are just listed here.

    Forgot flowers?

    Too busy to go for Milk?

    Did you run out of provisions in middle of a celebration?


    Do you want to order a pizza plus a Chinese food in the same delivery?

    Go to the Online Mall, purchase what you need and will bring it right to the warmth of your home.

    Do not forget to register before first purchase

  • directory

    Business Directory

    mall1 Search and Discover!

    The most up to date Business Directory in your neighborhood covering those which provide services to the Household.

    Go and Search who is providing what and learn about latest discount and sale campaigns

    Post opinions about received services to share them among us

  • blog

    The Community Blog

    blog1 Read and Opine

    Be our journalist yourself for the neighborhood. Articles will be posted by you on subjects that matter to the community.

    Everybody else may not only read then but give his/her own opinion about it.

  • directory

    The Community Forum

    forum1 Let's Share our Opinions

    There are general subjects, just create any theme and will all will know about it.

    Emails are not good and too private to keep us up to data about what happen in the community, about education, public services, cultural life.

    Share with the community where your pet gets the best groom..or the worst one, how a public official is helping or mishandling community functions, or what is affecting your kids in the school.

    There is not such a tool for us to share our opinions about what matters in our Community. Let's empower ourselves.

  • coupons


    blog1 Coupons online!

    Are you able to track all up to date discounts in your community?

    You hardly can, go here and we will list them for you.

    Coupons may be listed form the Business Directory as well, on each category, to make it easier to get the right one.